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A new Harris poll, commissioned by Lithium, confirms what everybody knows, millennials hate ads in their social media feeds. What that really means is that they don't want ads to appear in their Facebook news feeds because they're expecting to see posts by their friends.

According to the study, 56 percent of millennials are actually motivated to stop using social media platforms (Facebook obviously!) because of the ads. At least that's what they tell survey makers, statistics on Facebook use say otherwise! More precisely, 74 percent of millennials don't want brand posts in their social media news feeds.

Survey results indicate that advertising on Facebook and other social media platforms can actually hurt your brand and lose you customers because of the extreme distaste some users feel over your brand interruption in their very personal social media interactions. It's looked at as shouting rather than connecting according to Lithium.

"I go on social media to see and know what my friends are doing. I don't want to see ads clutter my news feed. If I’m interested in a product or service, I know where to look,” said 23-year-old recent graduate, Mallory Benham. "Social media is a place for us to connect with our friends, not be attacked by advertisements.”

This is scary stuff for Facebook and advertisers because social media is looked at as the future of brand marketing. It still can be, but there are significant hurdles to overcome for businesses and social platforms.